Early Childhood Book Kit

books made with great care, exquisite finishing, rich illustrations and engaging stories to stimulate learning in the most important phase of an individual's education.

Books for babies and toddlers

We have prepared a kit with 5 Solisluna books for younger children who are still discovering the world around them.


Playful and fun books that contribute to the learning of babies and children in early childhood

Playful and fun books that stimulate babies' eyes and speech.

Affection, welcome, affection, care, attention. Everything children and babies deserve

A very special gift

Qual o valor do kit?

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Common questions

What comes in the kit?

Five children's books, which are: Que Bicho Doido, Martim Barulim, Ernesto - the hungry lion, The caterpillar that dreamed of flying, Margarida Bem-me-quer

What is the recommended age for these books?

We recommend it from pregnancy - yes, there are studies that reading to the baby while still in the womb has positive effects on their development - until very early childhood, around 3 to 4 years of age.

But these books do not reach other audiences, including adults who appreciate the art of books for children, playful narratives, illustrated books and the themes covered.

These are special books, made with great care that, with such beauty, guarantee smiles and laughter in children aged 0 to 100 years.

What are the shipping and delivery times?

Orders are prepared and dispatched within 1 day, then the delivery time for the carrier or Post Office is added.