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João Caldas Valença was born in Garanhuns (PE) on January 28, 1940 and, in this city, he spent his entire childhood and school holidays during his adolescence. He attended primary school in that city and, in Recife, attended high school and scientific studies at Colégio São Luís e Marista. At the beginning of his youth, he was a member of Catholic Action and was one of the leaders of the National and Latin American Catholic Student Youth in Rio de Janeiro.
In 1959, he entered the Dominican convent in Belo Horizonte and took a philosophy and theology course in São Paulo, in the 1960s. He worked in pastoral care, as a priest, at the Cristo Operário Chapel in Vergueiro. Managed the administrative side of Livraria e Editora Duas Cidades.
In 1969, he was arrested in November and spent more than a year in the Tiradentes political prison, on the avenue of the same name, in the city of São Paulo.
Returning to Pernambuco after leaving religious work, he completed a postgraduate degree in Administration at the University of Pernambuco and completed his degree in Philosophy in 1972 at the Catholic University of Pernambuco.
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