The kiss mark

This year, when Solisluna turns 30, we are carrying out several actions to celebrate the date. One of them is the 'Solisluna Illustration Competition - Meeting of the Sun with the Moon', which was the theme of our debut newsletter , and whose registrations are in the final stretch. There's still time to participate, but it's only until August 3rd. The link for information and to register is: The interested party must develop a drawing inspired by the theme ' Meeting the sun with the moon '.

Producing this competition took me back to the origins of our brand. As I wrote in the previous newsletter , Enéas Guerra and I are creative partners at Solisluna and we met in a printing shop in Salvador. After that meeting, we became friends and decided to take a trip to Chapada Diamantina. 

There, we went to visit the Lapão river cave. It was a long walk. We sat down to rest and Enéas asked me if I identified more with the day or the night. I promptly replied that I was a night person, that I liked the moon, that magical feeling that the night offers. Eneas told me that he preferred the sun, the day, the luminosity. That was when he drew in the sand, with a tree branch, an image of the sun and the moon. The moon, the sun and the smile of the two coming together. We thought the drawing was very beautiful and we kept it in our heads.

A time came when destiny also brought our work together, and we decided to create Solisluna Design e Editora . But, we needed a brand. We then remember that beautiful moment on the banks of the Lapão River, which inspired us to create the Solisluna brand.

Evolution of the Solisluna Design Editora brand

Over the years, the brand has undergone some changes. At first, it was a pencil drawing, completely colored. Then, we vectorized it and it took on another format, until it reached the current design, now with the 30-year-old seal, a reinterpretation of the brand with a kiss. The kiss that symbolizes the affection with which this company began and continues to this day, when making books.

(In time: over the years of coexistence, we discovered that, in reality, I am a day person - I wake up early, I spend the day active, I enjoy work during this period. Eneas, contrary to what I had said, is a night person: he has always liked to work this shift, because it is not interrupted, it can take all night working.)

A kiss of sun and moon,

Valeria Pergentino
Creative partner of Solisluna Design Editora


Solisluna 30 Years Seal
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